Amherst Secure Wi-Fi


Amherst Secure Wi-Fi is a wireless network that requires an Amherst account in order to connect. Note that an Amherst user will get the same features and performance on the Eduroam network as on Amherst Secure.

Campus visitors should use the regular Amherst Wi-Fi network or the Eduroam network (if they come from a member institution).

If you have an ethernet connection near your computer, especially if it’s a desktop, you should instead consider using it, as it will be faster than Wi-Fi.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Unlike the Amherst wireless network, Amherst Secure provides over-the-air encryption of all your network traffic.



You need a wireless adapter that supports the 802.1x authentication protocol. In our experience, only older laptops running Windows XP may be unable to connect to Amherst Secure.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Find your computer’s list of available wireless networks, and select Amherst Secure. The first time you connect, or the first time you connect after changing your password, you'll be prompted to enter your current Amherst username and password.

Then load a new page with your web browser, and if your wireless network adapter isn't already registered on the Amherst network, you'll be redirected to the Network Registration page.

If you do not see your home page and are not automatically redirected to the NetReg page, enter its address directly into your web browser:

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