Amherst Wi-Fi

The Amherst Wi-Fi wireless network lets members of the Amherst College community as well as guests access Amherst network resources and the Internet wirelessly.

People with Amherst accounts are strongly encouraged to use the Amherst Secure or Eduroam wireless networks, as they provide better security.

If you have an ethernet connection near your computer, especially if it’s a desktop, you should instead consider using it, as it will be faster than Wi-Fi.

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Features and Benefits: 

Lets anyone connect to the Amherst College network.


The Amherst Wi-Fi network requires registration, but an Amherst account is not required. 

If you do not or cannot register, then as a “guest” you will be restricted as to what you can do on the network, in particular you will only be able to browse the World-Wide Web and access an IMAP-based email system.

Getting Started: 

Find your computer’s list of available wireless networks, and select Amherst. Then load a new page with your web browser, and if your wireless network adapter isn't already registered on the Amherst network, you'll be redirected to the Network Registration page.

If you do not see your home page and are not automatically redirected to the NetReg page, enter its address directly into your web browser: