BitTorrent Access


BitTorrent is a protocol for the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing. This protocol allows sharing or distributing large amounts of data via the Internet.

To send or receive files, you will need a BitTorrent client, an application that implements the BitTorrent protocol.

To protect the Amherst College network and data, we will allow BitTorrent use only for academic reasons for Amherst College students, faculty and staff. You must complete a form to request to opt in to using BitTorrent on-campus and state your academic reasons for needing BitTorrent access. A link to the request form is below under Getting Started. Amherst College IT will disable BitTorrent use as needed to proctect the network and will notify those affected.


Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Complete the BitTorrent Opt-in Request form to get access to the BitTorrent protocol and get started using it on the Amherst College network. You must log into the Amherst website to access the request form.