eduroam wireless access


Eduroam is a worldwide wireless service that gives members of participating institutions transparent access to one another's wireless networks. Each participating institution maintains a Wi-Fi network named eduroam. After you initially connect to eduroam at your home institution, then you can then access the eduroam network at any participating institution.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Provides transparent, secure access at thousands of educational and cultural institutions in over 70 countries and territories worldwide.

Note that eduroam is identical to the Amherst Secure network, but with the additional ability to connect seemlessly to networks at other institutions. Amherst users should feel free to use eduroam and Amherst Secure interchangeably.



To use the worldwide eduroam network, you must first log on to eduroam at your home institution. Do this before traveling, then you will be able to use eduroam at other locations.

Amherst users who are on campus will be required to register their networking device in order to use eduroam, just as they do with any Amherst wireless network. Visitors to the Amherst campus do not need to netreg their devices in order to use the Amherst edutoam network. 

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

The eduroam Knowledge Base article has detailed information about how to log in and use eduroam.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Visit the eduroam website at for detailed information about using eduroam and participating institutions.


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