Enroll and Connect WiFi Devices that Can't Connect to eduroam


How to connect WiFi devices such as game consoles and smart TVs to the Amherst network. Note that these instructions apply to any WiFi device that can't connect to eduroam. 

Such devices must connect to the AmherstGuest WiFi network. However, before doing so you must first enroll the device in the Clearpass system.


To connect a device that either doesn't have a web browser or that can't connect to eduroam, you must find the device's MAC address and then, using a computer or your phone, proceed to the Create Device page in the college's Clearpass system. A MAC address (a.k.a. network address or physical address) is a string of 12 alphanumeric characters (A-F, 0-9) grouped into six pairs by a separator (usually a dash or a colon) that uniquely identifies the networking device (e.g., 00-A0-34-0B-13-CD). 

After logging onto the Create Device page you'll have to enter the following information about your device:

Device name: You must include your Amherst username in the device name. So if your username were "amammoth22" you should name your game console "amammoth22 Playstation 4."

MAC address: Enter the wireless MAC address of the device.  (Find Your MAC Address)

Enable AirGroup: Make sure this box is checked. This will allow you to communicate with the device from other devices you have registered such as your phone or computer. You can also grant access to the device by entering the other person's email address.

Now click the Create Device button, then connect the device to the AmherstGuest network. There may be a five- to 10-minute delay before the device is able to connect to the Internet via AmherstGuest, and you may need to restart the device before it can connect.

Devices You May Not Use on the Amherst Network:

Apple Time Capsule: This device acts as a wireless router and can seriously disrupt the Amherst wireless network.

SONOS System or Speakers: Amherst IT does not support the use of the Sonos system or speakers as this device configures a bridge between the wired and wireless network which works only in a home or small business environment not on the Amherst wireless network.

Wireless Printers: Amherst IT does not support the use of wireless printers. If you have a printer in your room, we recommend that you connect it directly to your computer using a USB cable.



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