IT provides Ethernet (wired) networking to just about all locations on campus, using standard RJ45 cables.

Features and Benefits: 

Ethernet provides the fastest connection to resources on the Amherst network and to the Internet.


To connect your computer to the wired network, you need:

  • an Ethernet port: all desktop and most laptop computers have one, though many newer laptops require an extra adapter;
  • an RJ45 cable, which you can purchase at Staples or any office supply store.

The network requires registration, but an Amherst account is not required.

Getting Started: 

When first connecting to the Ethernet network, load a new page with your web browser, and if your wireless network adapter isn't already registered, you'll be redirected to the Network Registration page.

If you do not see your home page and are not automatically redirected to the NetReg page, enter its address directly into your web browser:

Additional Information: 

For specific set-up information, see  this Knowledge Base article: