Set up VPN for iOS devices


How to set up VPN on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.


Note that when using the VPN built into iOS you need to specify which VPN gateway (firewall or regular) you want to connect to.

Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration

  • Type: IPsec
  • Description: Amherst VPN (or Amherst VPN Firewall)
  • Server: (or
  • Account: your Amherst username
  • Password: Ask Every Time
  • Use Certificate: Off
  • Group Name: amherstvpn
  • Secret: amherstvpn

When you connect you’ll be prompted to enter your Amherst username and password. You will then receive a Duo 2FA authentication request via your first authentication method. If you would like to use a different Duo 2FA method you can specify a different one when you enter your password. For example, to use your second Duo method you enter push2 on the password line. For example, assuming Foo123 is your Amherst password, you would enter Foo123,push2.


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