Purchase of Network Printers

IT Support Services purchases all printers for the College. Departments may request one network printer (to be a shared printer for department members' use) from IT Support Services. IT Support Services covers the cost of one centralized printer per department or shared office location, while departments are responsible for the purchase of consumables including toner and paper.

A department can purchase additional network printers and individual desktop printers through IT Support Services. Faculty members may request local black and white laser printers to connect to individual computers if they do not have easy access to the network printer; for example, if they are located in another building or use a library carrel or study.

Support for Network Printers

Network (shared) printers are under contract with CBS Xerox. Departments can place service calls to CBS Xerox at no cost. Toner must be purchased from CBS Xerox to honor the terms of the contract and receive timely support.

Support for Desktop Printers (non-network, local printers)

Any issues with individual desktop printers provided by IT Support Services need to be reported to the IT Help Desk. Support Services will determine whether to repair or replace a malfunctioning printer.

Wireless Printers

Only printers purchased through IT Support Services will be connected to the Amherst College network. In order to maintain the integrity of the wireless network, wireless printers cannot be installed at Amherst College, neither as local nor as network printers. Mobile printing is available to current employees and students at select locations.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

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Additional Information

Departments may prefer to opt for a Xerox multi-function device (MFD) printer/copier/scanner.

Please see the OAS website for information about the Xerox MFDs.