You will need the following information to set up the printers and copiers:

  • print server name: 
  • printer network name: department 4 letter code_##_C or P_005.
    Examples are PHED_01_C_005 for a Xerox MFD network copier/printer or BIOL_07_P_005 for a network printer. 
  • the make and model of the printer or copier
    Examples are Xerox Altalink C8045 or HP Color LaserJet M3515.

Here are the steps to set up the printer or copier:

  1. On campus, for network connection, make sure you use either wired (Ethernet) or wireless using Amherst Secure or Eduroam.
    Off-campus or students must use Amherst VPN (VPN student, faculty/staff Connect, or Firewall should all work). 
  2. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
  3. Click the lock icon if it shows as locked to unlock it to make changes. Authenticate as prompted. 
  4. Click the + sign to add a device.
  5. Select the IP option (Globe icon).
  6. On the Add window, enter for Address:
  7. For Protocol: from the drop-down list select Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  8. For Queue: enter the printer or copier network name (examples PHED_01_C_005 copier, BIOL_07_P_005 printer). This can typically be found as a sticker on the printer itself
  9. For Name: something to identify this printer (examples Main Office Copier, Lab Printer, 2nd floor Printer)
  10. Location: leave blank
  11. For Use: choose Select software from the drop-down list
  12. From the list of printer makes and models select the one you need (examples Xerox Altalink C8045, Xerox Versalink B7035, HP LaserJet M3531, etc.). If you do not see the appropriate model, contact AskIT and we can assist with installing the appropriate driver.
  13. Click OK to finish the selection and return to the Add window.
  14. Click Add.
  15. Return to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners. Click to select the newly added printer.
  16. Click Options & Supplies
  17. Click the Options tab
  18. For Finisher: select the option that includes the words Office Finisher

See example picture of Add window in process below.