IT Services

Printing & Scanning

Large-Format Printing

The Seeley Mudd large-format printer located in the first floor Center for Creative Technology is a wonderful tool for printing large documents such as posters. It is expensive to use, typically $24 per job for a poster, so there are a few things to be mindful of when printing.

Printing for Departments

Departments have the option to request a network printer (or printers) from IT Support Services OR to request local black and white laser printers to connect to individual computers. In either case IT Support Services will pay for the printers, and departments will purchase consumables including toner and paper. 

Network printers are under contract with CBS Xerox. Service calls may be placed by departments at no cost. Toner must be purchased from CBX Xerox.

Public Printing

The IT department makes available a number of high-speed, high-capacity printers in its public computer center spaces. These include black-and-white and color laser printers and a large-format color printer.

Quick Print Stations

Two quick print stations are provided in Frost Library for students or others who want quick access to a computer to print something. The idea is to give quick access to printing at times when all the public computers may be in use and also when all that is needed is printing.

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