ExBlock Spam Filtering


The IT Systems & Network Group (SNG) performs automated spam monitoring and filtering on Amherst email mailboxes. If the system thinks an email is spam, it adds the notation {SPAM?} to the subject line of suspected spam message. You can then set up rules and filters in your email account to automatically deal with message so labelled.

Automatic filtering isn't foolproof, and some spam and other problem emails will still arrive in your inbox without the {SPAM} label. To help you deal with these emails, we offer ExBlock, which lets you easily label a message as spam so that in future, other messages from the same sender can be dealt with automatically.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Gives you finer control over what messages you consider to be spam.

Lets you automatically deal with such messages.



An email account in the Amherst system.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 

Call the Help Desk to get enrolled in the ExBlock service, then see the knowledge base article on how to set up and use the ExBlock service.