Available Software

IT is required to enforce licensing limits for some software. We do this by using network license servers, KeyServer, software management tools, and/or hardware keys. You must use a VPN connection to the Amherst network if you want to run some licensed software while off-campus. Some software will be limited to use on college owned computers and will not be available for personally owned computers.

Methods to install software include the following:

Password Required

This page is restricted to the Amherst College community or groups within the community. To gain access you must be logged in and have permissions to access this page.

Software for Personally-owned Computers

The College licenses many commercial applications, and some of these licenses allow for students and employees to either obtain free copies of the software or to purchase personal licenses at a discount.

Microsoft Office 365

Amherst College's current Microsoft Campus License Agreement allows Amherst faculty, and students to subscribe free of charge to the Office 365 service. As part of this service you are able to download and install up to five instances of Microsoft Office 365 on your personally owned devices, including versions for Windows, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Amherst College's current Adobe Campus License Agreement allows Amherst faculty and staff to leverage the campus license on personal devices as an extension of their work. Current full-time students also have access to the Creative Cloud suite while they are enrolled. 

Retirees, alumni, casual or temporary employees, consultants, contractors, teaching assistants, visiting scholars and emeriti are NOT COVERED under our Adobe Campus Agreement.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is an educational and assistive technology providing reading, writing and study support. Amherst currently has a site-wide license making this powerful software available to all current employees and students. Kurzweil 3000 runs as a desktop application on Mac or Windows, but it also has a web-based service called "Firefly", an iOS app, and a Chrome extension for reading the web. One account gets you access to all of these options.