Available Software

The Available Software table provided below lists the software that Amherst College IT Department makes available to the campus community, often on behalf of individual departments. The table also includes open-source freeware or shareware software recommended by IT and available for download from the Internet.

Methods to install software include the following and this information is summarized in the table column Source:

Software for College Computers

The Amherst College IT Department makes many software programs available to the campus community, for use while at Amherst and for use with College-owned computers. Please see the table of Available Software.

Getting Started: 

We have several methods of making software available to the College Community:

  • Some software is available as self-service and can be downloaded and installed from the Software network drives Winsoft (for Windows computers) or Macsoft (for Macintosh computers).
  • Some software is also OR only available on CDs.
  • Some software we provide a link for you to download it from the Internet.
  • Some software we send to you over the network using our Kace (Windows) or Casper (Macintosh) installer tools.
  • Some software you receive only via a request to Academic Technology.

Contact the IT Help Desk with general questions about software or to request installation.

Contact Academic Technology Services for software that requires a consultation appointment.

Additional Information: 

Software for Personally-owned Computers

The College licenses many commercial applications, and some of these licenses allow for students and employees to either obtain free copies of the software or to purchase personal licenses at a discount.

Features and Benefits: 

Take advantage of free or discounted software that you can use on your personal computers and devices for schoolwork or personal development.



In most cases you must be a current student or current employee of the college to be covered under the software license agreements.




Getting Started: 

See the articles below for Microsoft, Adobe, ESET, and Kurzweil software offers.

Adobe software

Amherst College's current Adobe Campus License Agreement allows Amherst faculty and staff employees to purchase an annual Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for a nominal fee. Current full-time students may purchase a monthly or annual Creative Cloud subscription with an educational discount. 

Retirees, alumni, casual or temporary employees, consultants, contractors, teaching assistants,visiting scholars and emeriti are NOT COVERED under our Adobe Campus Agreement.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is an educational and assistive technology providing reading, writing and study support. Amherst currently has a site-wide license making this powerful software available to all current employees and students. Kurzweil 3000 runs as a desktop application on Mac or Windows, but it also has a web-based service called "Firefly", an iOS app, and a Chrome extension for reading the web. One account gets you access to all of these options.