Note: You must be on campus or connected to the Amherst VPN to install and run Ableton.  You will also need to have your Amherst credentials configured if you’re a 5 College student.  VPN setup instructions can be found here:

Ableton Live is licensed via the Amherst College KeyServer which requires our KeyClient agent to be installed first.

KeyClient Install:

  1. Go to your Amherst Google Drive folder on your computer or navigate to and sign in with your Amherst credentials. You should see a new Shared Drive called “Amherst Software” open this drive, and select the “KeyClient” folder.
  2. Choose “macOS” and run the installer called “ksp-client-79-latest.pkg” when prompted enter “” as the server address.
  3. Once the installer finishes, navigate to System Settings -> KeyAccess and click “Logon” and verify that the client is able to establish a connection to the Key Server.

Ableton Live Install

  1. Find the Ableton Live directory in the Amherst Software drive.
  2. Open the macOS folder,  double click ableton_live_suite_11.2.7_universal.dmg and follow the prompts.
  3. Once installed, open Ableton and select Authorize Later.
  4. Close Ableton.
  5. Open your user library folder by holding down the alt/option key on your keyboard and clicking the Go menu on the Finder bar at the top of your screen. Select the Library folder from the Go menu.
  6. Copy the file options.txt from the Ableton Live -> macOS folder on Google Drive to the following location in the Library window you just opened: /Preferences/Ableton/Live 11.2.7/
  7. Open Ableton and confirm that you no longer get the message to about authorization.


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