Note: You must be on campus or connected to the Amherst VPN in order to install and run Ableton.  You will also need to have your Amherst credentials configured.  VPN setup instructions can be found here:

  • Go to your Amherst Google Drive folder on your computer or navigate to and sign in with your Amherst credentials. You should see a new Shared Drive called “Amherst Software” open this drive, and select the “KeyClient” folder.
  • Choose “Windows” and run the installer called “
  • Once the Keyserver install completes, return to the main directory in the “Amherst Software” drive and open the Ableton Live folder.
  • Select Windows and download the file. Decompress this Zip archive once download completes and run the Ableton Live 11 Suite Installer file.
  • Once installed, open Ableton and select “Authorize Later”
  • Close Ableton
  • Copy the file Options.txt from the Ableton Live Suite 10 folder on Google Drive to the following location on your computer: \Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 11,2,7\Preferences\ (You may need to make hidden files visible within Windows).
  • Open Ableton and confirm you do not get the message to authorize again.


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