Install College Software


For a listing of the software the College makes available to members of the Amherst community, see the list and details for Available Software.

  • Some software is available on Google shared drives only for current faculty, staff, students and other members of the College community due to software licensing agreements. Some software is further restricted to being only for use on college owned computers and devices. See the Available Software page for details.
  • Current employees may use the Winapps website for self-serve software downloads for some applications for college-owned Windows computers.
  • To install and use any KeyServed program, you must install the Amherst KeyServer client software KeyClient. College-owned and imaged computers are provided with this software already installed.
  • The KeyClient installer is available for download, email askit with questions.
  • To use KeyServed and some other college provided software, when off-campus you must use Amherst VPN.


Install Software from Winapps Webpage Self-Serve Download

  1. Some software for college-owned and imaged Windows computers is available for self-serve download. Using the computer you want the software to download to, close all programs and applications other than one web browser. To install Adobe applications and some other applications all applications must be closed other than a web browser, especially any Microsoft Office applications.
  2. Go to the webpage
  3. Log in as prompted with your Amherst user name and password.
  4. In the left menu click Downloads.
  5. Click to select an application from the list that you wish to download.
  6. For Device to install software on: make sure the number displayed matches the Amherst asset tag number of your computer. The asset tag is a white sticker labeled Amherst College that will have a six digit number such as 001234. The asset number is not the manufacturer's serial number nor service tag number of the computer.
  7. Complete prompts as needed and click Run Now.
  8. Complete prompts if applicable while the software installs. Most software will install without needing response to prompts.
  9. A window may open in the bottom right corner of your computer screen indicating the install will start and will close once the install is complete.
  10. Make sure to allow the install to complete, some installations may take up to 20 minutes.