Amherst College's current Microsoft Campus License Agreement allows Amherst faculty, and students to subscribe free of charge to the Office 365 service. As part of this service you are able to download and install up to five instances of Microsoft Office 2016 on your personally owned devices, including versions for Windows, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices.

Faculty and staff, but not students, are also able to purchase Microsoft Windows Operating System Upgrades for their personal comptuers for a nominal fee.


Retirees, alumni, casual or temporary employees, consultants, contractors, teaching assistants,visiting scholars and emeriti are NOT COVERED under our Microsoft Campus Agreement. Only current Amherst employees and students may purchase this software. When an employee or student leaves the College they must uninstall the software.

Who is Eligible? Microsoft Products Available 
Amherst Current Employees
Faculty and Staff
Amherst Current
Full-Time Students

Office 365 ProPlus

Amherst Current Employees 
Faculty and Staff

Windows 8.1 Enterprise (upgrade)
Windows 7 Enterprise  (upgrade)