To keep the campus servers running, the IT department has to limit the amount of space on the servers allocated to each account. The quotas for students, faculty and staff are 500 MB for userfiles (U: drives).

If you exceed your quota you lose the ability to edit existing files or to create new files. You will then have to delete or move enough files off the server to get below quota before you can once again edit or create new files.

You must not edit files on your network drive IF you are OVER QUOTA. If you try to edit such a file, both its original contents and the changes you make will be lost.

Documents created in Word and Word Perfect are typically around 10KB, leaving room on your U: drive for approximately 10,000 such documents. Take care with images and media files, such as audio and video clips -- these files can be extremely large and quickly fill your quota.

Check Your Quotas

You can determine how much space you are using on your networked drives by:

  • Windows: Click on My Computer from the desktop. Open the U: drive. Press CTRL+A or choose Select All from the File menu to select all items on the drive. Right-click and select Properties. The amount of space listed in Size on disk represents the total space you are using.
  • Macintosh: Open the Userfiles folder and Right-click (or CTRL+Click if you have a one-button mouse). Choose Get Info and then General Information. The amount of space listed in Size represents the total space you are using.

Get Back Under Quota

The simplest way to get under quota is to delete unnecessary files, or move them off of the network servers onto a more permanent location such as a Zip disk, CD-R disc, or hard drive. If you often edit files in Unix with emacs or vi try deleting the automatically generated back-ups, indicated with a ~ after the file name. 

Request More Space

If you are doing curricular work for the College or need more space for work reasons we may be able to increase your quota. Please contact the IT Help Desk with inquiries.