This version of aBlog doesn't work with Safari or Chrome.  We know why (it's a problem with how they handle the innerHTML attribute) but the fix is major and wouldn't be implemented until the next version

aBlog2 (Amherst Blog, version 2) is a set of  javascript files  that provide the ability to include basic blogging functionality to a web page.  By passing a configuration object at creation time, the application using aBlog2 can customize the blog. It supports

  • Multiple blogs at the same time
  • Multi-level threads
  • Presentation in either "most recent on top" (blog) order or "most recent on bottom" (discussion) order.
  • User selectable presentation order
  • Collapsible threads
  • The ability to upload file with a posting
  • The ability to "localize" user authentication

aBlog2 is significantly different in both feature set and conceptual design from the earlier version.  You can not switch applications from using one to using the other without a significant amount of work.  This version is conceptually simpler.

Warning:  Many of the localization features have not been extensively tested.  If you run into any problems please let us know so we can help.