aLogin2 (Amherst Login/Authentication) is the second version of aLogin,  a set of javascript files that provide a simple authentication system that can be used with a web application.  By creating a configuration object and then passing it to the aLogin2 object constructor, the application using aLogin2 can customize many of its features. It's primary targets are those applications open to a wide and relatively poorly defined population that isn't contained in another authentication system.  aLogin2 supports,

  • Multiple levels of authority.  Applications can use the authority levels to vary what a user can see and do.
  • The ability to localize the authentication system to use other authentication methods, either in addition to or instead of aLogin2, while maintaining the standard interface.
  • Administrative functions permitting an administrative user to control and modify the user database and to maintain the integrity of database.
  • Use of Recaptcha to prevent robot account creation.
  • The ability of users to create they're own account either with or without intervention of the administrator.

Warning:  aLogin2 should NOT be regarded as a highly secure system.  Sensitive information should not be hidden behind it.  Usernames and passwords should not be borrowed from sensitive systems.  aLogin2 was designed for simple access control for applications with minimal security requirements and where breach of that security might be inconvenient but not serious.

Warning: Many of the functions to allow for localization of aLogin2 have not been extensively tested.  If you attempt to do such localizations and run into problems please let us know so we can help.