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aMapApp3 (Amherst Mapping Application, version 3) is a set of scripts that can be added to a web page (AKA web application) to provide an interface for the attaching files and textual information to locations on a map.  It was designed to give the user the maximum flexibility without requiring any significant programming. Once created and attached to a web page, aMapApp3 handles all of the user-interface requirements. The application writer defines the functionality of aMapApp3 in a configuration object.  The application writer also designs the basic page layout and graphics and aMapApp3 drops the interface elements into the designated locations on the page. The web application is free to add to the page whatever additional functionality it needs.  In addition a simple API is provided that allows the application writer to access parts of aMapApp3 directly.

For each location, the user can upload a variety of different file types.  While the application was originally designed for uploading images, the current implementation can deal with a wide variety of file types.  Each file can be connected with some basic information - two large text fields and a file blog.  Files can be selected from a variety of sources.  The simplest is from the user’s disk.  In addition, an interface for accessing Flickr images is provided.  Additional interfaces can be written and plugged into the system to meet local requirements.

aMapApp3 includes an image viewer.  It provides a variety of zoom and pan features along with a slide show capability. 

aMapApp3 supports  an authenticated access system with multiple levels of access. Access is highly customizable and can be made to work with other authentication systems. See the Authentication page.

aMapApp3 also supports multiple languages for the interface elements.  Adding new languages is fairly simple.  It does not alter the language of user entries or any text element outside of aMapApp3. See the Languages page.

Warning: aMapApp3, and the two objects that aMapApp3 usually use - aLogin2 and aBlog2, are not highly secure.  Do not use aMapApp3 for sensitive information!