Moodle is the College's learning management system (LMS). It hosts individual course websites used by instructors and students. 

Features and Benefits: 

Provides quick and easy access to online course content.

Provides intructors and assistants an easy way to email students.

Provides protected access to course eReserves.

Uses your Amherst username and password.


Amherst and Five College Students

You must either be registered for a course or officially shopping a course in order to access the Moodle course site.

Amherst College students "officially" shop a course by adding it to their Preferred Courses list in the Registration section of ACDATA.

Five College students who preregistered for a course automatically have access. If a Five College student registers for an Amherst course during add/drop, they will receive their Amherst account information once their registration is processed. Because this can take a week or more, Five College students can also request temporary access to online course information, which will give them Moodle access until their registration is processed.

A week or two after Add/Drop ends, Moodle access is stopped for students who have not registered for a course.

High School Students and Amherst Employees

Local high school students and Amherst College employees taking an Amherst course will only receive Moodle access once their registration is processed by the Registrar's Office. 


Course auditors receive Moodle access by filling out the audit request from, having it signed by the instructor, and returning it to Seeley Mudd 11.

Teaching Assistants, Language Assistants, and Other's Designated by the Instructor(s)

The course instructor or department ADC must use the Classroom Assistant Request form to give TAs and others access to a Moodle course.

Getting Started: 

Instructors and students can log onto Moodle directly by going to Also, from your My Amherst page on the Amherst website, you have links that take you directly to your course sites. 

Course websites are created for all courses every semester, and students are given access automatically once they either shop or register for the course. Instructors need to activate a course, however, before students can access the course website. Note however, that courses containing video or other e-Reserves are automatically activated.


For help, contact the Help Desk.