Web Publishing

Traditional Web Server

IT maintains a traditional Apache Web server as a platform for some Web applications, services, and Web sites that were not migrated into the main College Web site (an easy-to-use Drupal environment). Note that using this server requires substantially greater technical skill.

Web sites on this server will be given a name such as user.people.amherst.edu or project.sites.amherst.edu.

Note: This is a replacement for the older www3.amherst.edu Web server.

Tenured Faculty Course Evaluation Feedback

This semester is our initial launch of the Senior Faculty Course Evaluation system. As with any new technology, we expect there may be a few hiccups here and there. We've done our best to make it helpful and easy to use. If you've discovered bugs or have suggestions for improvements, we'd love to hear from you.


Enter the characters shown in the image or use the speaker icon to get an audio version.

Babysitter Board

The Babysitter Board is an online listing of Amherst College students interested in watching children on or off campus. The board contains contact and other critical information (experience, availability and access to a vehicle, among other things), and is searchable.

To help our busy parents find childcare coverage, the initiative is open only to Amherst College faculty and staff.  To better connect our students to the families in our community, only Amherst College students may create a listing.


Campus App

Amherst Campus is the official mobile app for Amherst College students. The students have spoken! And, the tools you asked for are now available on your smartphone.

Download the Amherst Campus app.

Download on the App Store Android App on Google play

Amherst Campus features:

  • AC Dollars: Check your card’s balance or quickly add funds.
  • Events: Find out what’s happening around campus.
  • Moodle: Access all your course sites to view assignments, e-reserves, and other online material.
  • News: Read the latest campus news and announcements.
  • PVTA Schedule: Find when and where you can catch a Pioneer Valley Transportation Authority bus.
  • Valentine Dining Menu: Peruse the menu, check if there’s a line, and review nutritional info.


Web Hosting

IT performs web hosting services for College websites that have requirements that can't be addressed by the College main website or by the College’s traditional web site. 

Amherst Website

The Amherst College website (www.amherst.edu) is the College's primary online presence. It provides a web-publishing platform for all departments, constituencies, and individuals associated with the College.

MySQL Server

Systems and Networking maintains a MySQL server (mysql-public.amherst.edu) for use by faculty, staff, and students for web programming projects that require a sophisticated back end database.