Phishing Example

The following recounts an actual phishing attack launched against the College's email users on March 16, 2016. Unfortunately a couple hundred users fell for the attack because of some clever social engineering on the part of the phishers. The takeaway? Don't automatically trust any message you receive on any electronic device, and know how to distinguish between a legitimate Amherst login page and a phony one.

Log in to Google Workspace

Method 1

Go to and login using your Amherst username and password. You will be redirected to your own Google Workspace site. Note that if you have an active login session on another Amherst Web service such as Moodle or the Amherst webite, you may redirected automatically to your Google Workspace site without having to enter your Amherst username and password.

Method 2

Go to and click the Sign In link. Enter your Amherst, Emily Dickinson Museum, Five Colleges Inc., or Folger email address and leave the password blank. Click the Sign in button. You should be redirected to the Amherst login page and prompted for your Amherst College username and password. Once you enter your username and password, you'll be logged into your Google Workspace site.