Amherst Email Set Up Instructions

Links below go to instructions to set up your Amherst email to work with various kinds of mobile devices and/or email cilents incuding Android and iOS devices, and clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird.

Set up Amherst email on an Android mobile device

How to set up access to your Amherst email on an Android mobile device. Android devices vary a great deal based on device type and version of Android operating system. Your experience may vary from the instructions below, but the instructions should provide enough information to follow to get the email set up.

Email and Calendaring

Amherst students, faculty, and staff automatically receive an Amherst email mailbox when they join the College. Casual employees receive a mailbox at the request of their supervisor. Student organizations can request an email account or a listserv mailing list by using the Campus Center's student organization registration form.

The College email servers run Microsoft Exchange, which provides Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and other functions. Your messages and other data remain on the server until you explicitly delete them.

For best operation and access to College calendars, we recommend you use Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Macintosh.

For those who want email only and do not need to use College calendars, we also fully support IMAP email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

For quick email checks—especially when travelling—use the online version of Amherst email, Web Mail, the Outlook Web App (OWA).

Features and Benefits: 

Because your Amherst email is stored on our server,  you see the same messages, contacts, and calendar appointments regardless of whether you access your email from your office, home, or another location.

Students have a 1 GB email quota; faculty and staff have unlimited email storage.


To access your email via the web interface Outlook Web App (OWA), you need an Internet connection and a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, or Opera.

Supported computer email clients are Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 for Windows, and Outloook 2011 for the Mac; Mail for Mac; and Thunderbird for both Windows and Mac.

On a mobile device, to access your Amherst email add an account and if possible/available select Exchange or Microsoft Exchange as the account type to add (other variations of the account type description might include ActiveSync, CorporateSync, or MAPI).

If your device does not offer Exchange or one of the variations listed above as an account type, opt to configure the email manually or set up as an IMAP account type.

Getting Started: 

Access Amherst Email Online using Web Mail

The website address for Amherst email online - Web Mail - is

Access Amherst Web Mail from the Amherst website by cilcking Tools top right corner of any page then Web Mail.

Set Up Amherst Email by type of Mobile Device

Set Up Amherst Email by Email Client


Additional Information: 


Set up spam filter in Outlook Web App

How to set up spam filter in Outlook Web App. 

IT has an automated system that scans all incoming emails for spam-like qualities. Emails above a certain threshold have the phrase {SPAM?} added to the subject line. You can set up a rule telling the email server how to handle such messages. 

Set up an Automatic Spam Filter in Outlook

The College's automated spam system does not delete suspected spam emails. Rather, it adds the label {SPAM?} to the subject line of such messages. You can then set up rules using Microsft Outlook that can either move such messages into a spam folder for your later review or delete them automatically

Set up Amherst email as IMAP account

If you wish to use an unsupported email client, or you do not want to use Exchange, you may set up your Amherst email as an IMAP account.  This usually entails selecting the Manual setup option in your email client's or mobile device's email setup/add account process. Use the following settings to configure your Amherst account as an IMAP email.