Adium Instant Messaging (IM) Mac Computers

We recommend using Adium software for Macintosh computers for Instant Messaging (IM) to connect to the Amherst College Jabber server. Follow the instructions below to set up Adium Instant Messaging on a Mac.

Mac Custom Xerox Network & MFD Printer Settings

This instructions detail how to make custom Xerox Printer settings for network and/or Multi-Function Device (MFD) printers for Mac computer users. Use these instructions to change printer settings from double-sided to single-sided pages, color or black and white, and to use or not use banner pages.

Disable Java in Web Browsers

For security reasons you may want to disable Java in all web browsers or certain web browsers on your computer. See our instructions for how to disable Java as needed.

Access Network Storage Shares Mac

How to access your userfiles (a.k.a. U: drive), department network storage shares, project network shares on Storage, and other network shares from a Mac computer.