Mac Custom Xerox Network & MFD Printer Settings

This instructions detail how to make custom Xerox Printer settings for network and/or Multi-Function Device (MFD) printers for Mac computer users. Use these instructions to change printer settings from double-sided to single-sided pages, color or black and white, and to use or not use banner pages.

Disable Java in Web Browsers

For security reasons you may want to disable Java in all web browsers or certain web browsers on your computer. See our instructions for how to disable Java as needed.

Encrypt files on a Mac

FileVault  2 lets you encrypt your entire home directory so that thieves and other malicious members of society cannot access your data provided that they do not know your password.

Computers for Faculty and Staff

Faculty with appointments longer than one year, and full-time and part-time staff positions whose work require computers, are provided with a new computer every four years. Other faculty and staff may be provided with second-tier computers.

Faculty may choose between Macintosh and Windows, laptops and desktops. Other employees will receive Windows desktop computers by default unless their work requires an alternative. Alternative arrangements will be made in consultation with the employee's supervisor.

Faculty are encouraged to use startup funds for the purchase of their first computer. IT will cover the cost of the computer at replacement, which typically takes place in three to four years.

Check the College's current standard configurations for faculty and staff

Retired Faculty

Emeriti who are granted use of office space may retain a college-owned computer with the normal replacement cycle while they continue to have an office space on campus. Emeriti who are not granted office space should discuss their computing needs with IT Support Services. Phone and walk-in support is available for emeriti who need assistance using services provided by Amherst College.