Amherst Email Set Up Instructions

Links below go to instructions to set up your Amherst email to work with various kinds of mobile devices and/or email cilents incuding Android and iOS devices, and clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird.

Set up Amherst email on an Android mobile device

How to set up access to your Amherst email on an Android mobile device. Android devices vary a great deal based on device type and version of Android operating system. Your experience may vary from the instructions below, but the instructions should provide enough information to follow to get the email set up.

Create an email auto-reply or out-of-office message

How to create an email auto-reply message. Students can use auto-reply if you will be away from Amherst for a time or graduating seniors can use auto-reply to notify people about their new email addresses. Faculty and staff can use email auto-reply for when you are away, on vacation, out of the office, or otherwise unavailable by email. Anyone leaving Amherst can use auto-reply to notify people of your new or preferred email address.

Voicemail/Integrated Messaging

The College's voicemail system integrates the voicemail on your campus phone with your email. When someone leaves you a voicemail, the system sends you an email with the message attached. You can retrieve messages using either your phone or by accessing your email.

Features and Benefits: 

The system lets you manage your voice messages using either your phone or by accessing your email.

If you delete a voice message on your phone, the corresponding email is moved from your Inbox to your Deleted Items folder.

When you read an email containing a voice message, the message is deleted from your phone. Note that it is only necessary to open the message to delete if from your phone--it isn't necessary to actually listen to the attached file. Be careful if you use the Reading Pane on your email Inbox as doing so may automatically delete voicemail messages from both your email and your voicemail.

When you move a voice message from your Inbox to another email folder--whether you've read the message or not--the voice message is deleted from your phone.

If you move a voice message from an email folder back to your Inbox and then mark the message as unread, the message will again appear in the voice mailbox of your phone.


Integrated voice and email messaging only works with the campus phone system.

Getting Started: 

The Use the Voicemail System knowledge base article provides detailed voicemail instructions.

Contact IT Communications & Infrastructure with any questions or for assistance.

    • Email
    • Call 413-542-2410
Additional Information: 

See the New Voicemail System webpage for information about the change in voicemail systems that occurred in August 2013.

Alumni Email Forwarding

Upon request, the College will provide any alumnus or alumna with a forwarding email address in the form:

Features and Benefits: 

The alumni forwarding email service lets you publish a single email address that doesn't change, not matter how many 'real' email accounts you have.

Don't confuse your alumni forwarding address with a mailbox. It is simply a pointer to your real email box.


You must be an alum of the College--or a soon to be alum--in order to take advantage of this service.

Getting Started: 

You can request an alumni forwarding address or change your forwarding target address on the Amherst College Alumni website.