Emailing a co-requisite

For this to work, the Groups setting for the course must be set to visible or separate in the Course Settings.

Amherst Email Set Up Instructions

Links below go to instructions to set up your Amherst email to work with various kinds of mobile devices and/or email cilents incuding Android and iOS devices, and clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird.

Set up Amherst email on an Android mobile device

How to set up access to your Amherst email on an Android mobile device. Android devices vary a great deal based on device type and version of Android operating system. Your experience may vary from the instructions below, but the instructions should provide enough information to follow to get the email set up.

Back Up Your Amherst Mailbox

How to create an archive of your Amherst email mailbox. The archive is a .pst file that you can then download to your computer and open in any version of Outlook.