Access a Department, Lab, Club, College or Student Organization Email Account

If your department, laboratory, student or College organization email account is an IT Support Services managed account, once you are given permission for the account, access it by using your web browser. See our instructions below.

If you are not sure what kind of email account you have, contact the IT Help Desk and we will let you know.

Internet Explorer 11 Changes OWA Interface

How to get IE 11 to use the standard interface in Outlook Web App; by default, it uses the low-vision interface, and you can't change this behavior in the Accessibility settings.

Email and Calendaring

Amherst students, faculty, and staff automatically receive an Amherst email mailbox when they join the College. Casual employees receive a mailbox at the request of their supervisor. Student organizations can request an email account or a listserv mailing list by using the Campus Center's student organization registration form.

The College email servers run Microsoft Exchange, which provides Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and other functions. Your messages and other data remain on the server until you explicitly delete them.

For best operation and access to College calendars, we recommend you use Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Macintosh.

For those who want email only and do not need to use College calendars, we also fully support IMAP email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

For quick email checks—especially when travelling—use the online version of Amherst email, Web Mail, the Outlook Web App (OWA).

Set up spam filter in Outlook Web App

How to set up spam filter in Outlook Web App. 

IT has an automated system that scans all incoming emails for spam-like qualities. Emails above a certain threshold have the phrase {SPAM?} added to the subject line. You can set up a rule telling the email server how to handle such messages.