Back up Course Content

Backing up all or part of your Moodle course page

Moodle has a method for making a backup of an entire Moodle course page, or parts of a Moodle course page. This is useful for saving a backup copy of all of your materials or for moving your material to a completely different Moodle site.

Note that faculty do not have access to "Restore" a backup file into the Amherst Moodle themselves, please contact IT for assistance.

  1. Go to the course. In the Administration block (usually located on the lower left side of the course page), click on Course Administration > Backup.
  2. The next several pages allow you to select what parts of the site you want to back up. One inportant option on the first page allows you to anonymize user information. This keeps information about students, but removes their names. For instance, forum entries would be kept but no identification information would be kept with the posts.
  3. On the last page, the backup will actually created. This may take a minute. When the page is done loading, click Continue at the bottom.
  4. Your course data backup has now been created. Moodle will show you the backup files that it has. If you want you can click on download to make a copy on your computer. A copy will remain on the Moodle server.

CrashPlan Data Backup

CrashPlanPROe is a cloud-based backup solution that keeps a secure copy of your data. You can then access this copy to restore your data if your hard disk crashes or if your computer is lost or stolen.

CrashPlan is licensed for College-owned computers only. You can't install it on personally-owned computers.

CrashPlan backs up the user directory--the place where all your files and personal settings are stored--on Windows and Macintosh computers. It does not back up system files or application programs. In the event you suffer a catostrophic failure (crash, loss, or theft) of your College-owned computer, Amherst IT would first replace the computer; you could then restore your data from the CrashPlan backup.

Temporary Network Storage

Use the Scratch temporary network storage share to move or share files and folders. Scratch is a large-capacity, public, network storage share that is erased overnight. Use Scratch if you need to move files and folders from one computer or device to another, share files or folders with someone else at Amherst or do a quick temporary back-up of some data.

Back Up Your Data

The notion of backing up your data is very simple: Keep your data in more than one location. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from network storage with your U: drive, to USB flash drives and external hard drives. However you do it, you want to make sure you never have important data in just one location.

Why backup?

If you don't have your data files stored in more than one location, you're betting that none of the following will ever happen to you.