VPN (virtual private networking) lets you access resources on the Amherst network from off-campus that normally are blocked from such access.

The college has several VPN services designed to provide access to different systems and services on the college network. Most users will use GlobalProtect VPN to access services such as network shares (I: and U: drives) and Colleague from off-campus.

A subset of users will use specialized VPN services to access services such as card services (VPN CBORD), HVAC services (VPN HVAC), and the digital phone system (VPN VOIP). If you require access to these specialized VPN systems pleace contact AskIT.

Reset DNS settings

How to reset your DNS setting on your Window computer after they have been set by VPN Firewall.

Remote Desktop Connection to Windows Computer

Using Windows Remote Desktop Connection, you connect to and operate your Windows work computer using the keyboard, mouse, and display of your home computer. You can thus do everything from home that you can do at your work computer. This is an ideal solution for people in administrative offices whose work computers have specialized sofware installed, connect to lots of network shares, and have complex database access permissions.