GlobalProtect VPN Client Upgrade

To maintain a consistent level of security and compatibility with newer operating systems, upgrades to the GlobalProtect VPN client will be made available. These upgrades are quick and easy to perform.

To learn more about the GlobalProtect VPN Client, refer to our article here

Current GlobalProtect Client Version: 5.2.12-26

Note: This article describes how to use GlobalProtect VPN on macOS 10.14 Mojave or later. However, if you have macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer installed, we recommend that you instead use the GlobalProtect VPN client.

Some Amherst College resources and services require that your computer have an on-campus Internet address in order to use them. If you are off campus, you can use a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connection in order to appear as if you were on campus and access those resources and services.

GlobalProtect VPN for Mac and Windows

Many resources on the Amherst network require a VPN connection in order to access them from off-campus. This article explains how to set up VPN on your Mac or Windows computer.

Note: If you are residing in a juristiction that blocks Internet traffic to services such as Amherst College Gmail, send an email to askit@amherst.edu requesting to be put into the Full Tunnel VPN Group. For members of this group, ALL of your Internet traffic will flow through the VPN tunnel.


Set up VPN on an Android Device

This document outlines how to set up an Amherst VPN connection on an Android device using the VPN client built into Android. Because of variations across manufacturers and Android versions, what you see may not match these instructions exactly.


VPN (virtual private networking) lets you access resources on the Amherst network from off-campus that normally are blocked from such access.

The college has several VPN services designed to provide access to different systems and services on the college network. Most users will use GlobalProtect VPN to access services such as network shares (I: and U: drives) and Colleague from off-campus.

A subset of users will use specialized VPN services to access services such as card services (VPN CBORD), HVAC services (VPN HVAC), and the digital phone system (VPN VOIP). If you require access to these specialized VPN systems please contact AskIT.

Reset DNS settings

How to reset your DNS setting on your Window computer after they have been set by VPN Firewall.