Information Technology

Event Media Services

Multimedia Services offers audio visual equipment and technology support for events on campus.

How to View Streamed Audio or Video E-Reserves

How to view streamed audio or video E-Reserves, troubleshoot problems viewing or listening to streamed content, and how to report a problem when trying to view streamed video E-Reserves.

Guidelines for Using Television Programming Copied Off the Air

A faculty member who wishes to use television programs or parts of programs for instructional purposes for students enrolled in his/her courses, should follow the steps listed below. These guidelines work best for non-creative content, such as news broadcasts, and less well for creative works such as dramas.

Audio and Video E-Reserves

Faculty can submit a request to have audio or video materials digitized for use in coursework as electronic reserves (E-Reserves), which can then be streamed to student computers.

The curricular digitizing service does not provide for digitizing of research materials, archiving of collections, or any other use which is not clearly curricular and a definitive part of a planned course syllabus.

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