Media Annotation

The Media Annotation activity, which was developed here at Amherst, allows the instructor to provide clips cut from longer video and audio files. Students in turn can bookmark specific points in the clip and attach notes to the clip.


The scheduler activity allows your students to sign up for a time slot. This can be used to arrange for office hours, control access to equipment or for any purpose where you need to limit when your students do something.


The Moodle Questionnaire is a survey activity. It allows teachers to create a wide range of questions to get student feedback. The goals of the Questionnaire module are quite different from those of the Moodle Lesson or Quiz activities. With Questionnaire you do not test or assess the student. Instead you gather data. Unlike the Choice activity, you can gather more information than a single question can provide.


The attendance activity allows an instructor to record student attendance in the course sessions. In creating the activity the only values you need to input are an activity name and a grade.This is one of the rare cases where a name is suggested. A single course may have many different attendance activities; one for lectures, one for labs, even one for special activities.