Send and Receive Large Files with FileSender

FileSender is a service that lets you share large files with others in a secure way, whether at Amherst or outside of Amherst. FileSender is a secure, password-protected service. However, it is not authorized for use to transfer HIPAA or PII data.


FileSender is an Amherst College utility that lets you send and receive files that are normally rejected by email systems as being too large.

Features and Benefits: 

Lets you send and receive massive files that email systems can't handle.

Lets you send file to--and receive files from--people who do not have Amherst accounts.

By using FileSender instead of your email, you are consumig valuable space on your email account.


You need a web browser to access the service. If you are enabling a non-Amherst person to send you a file, you also need their email address.

Getting Started: 

Access the FileSender utility at