Information Technology

SANS Securing the Human Computer Security Video Trainings Library

We are glad to offer to College employees and students the SANS Securing the Human library of training videos on computer security topics.

The College has subscribed to the SANS Securing the Human training video library to help increase students’ digital literacy, particularly in the area of computer security. We will assign some trainings to incoming students this summer and may offer SANS Securing the Human access in the future to other students, staff, and faculty.

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IT provides a variety of trainings for faculty, staff, and students. You can view the schedule of trainings on the IT Training and Events Calendar. In addition, you can choose from literally thousands of online, self-paced technology training courses using


How to log in and use online software and technology training videos on With Amherst’s campus subscription to, students and employees (staff and faculty) can access more than 1,400 training videos that provide software and computer skills instruction. New courses are added every week.