Personal Network Storage

All students, faculty, and staff are given a personal storage space on the Amherst network. Often called “Userfiles” or the “U drive”, it provides safe, secure, backed-up storage for files that you don’t need to share with others.

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Features and Benefits: 
  • Automatic backup every night.
  • 1 GB capacity for your most important files. Faculty, staff, and thesis students can request increases by contacting the IT Help Desk.
  • If your personal network share is on the Userfiles server, it is also accessible using WebDAV. Just about all faculty and student shares, as well as many staff shares, are on Userfiles.
Additional Information: 
  • The storage technology used for personal shares is very expensive. If you need network storage on the order of tens of GBs or into TBs or your Userfiles space is full and cannot be further increased, contact the IT Help Desk to request project network storage.
  • If you need to share files or folders and/or manage permissions, use another network storage option such as Storage or AC Apps Google Apps for Amherst. Contact the IT Help Desk to learn about options for sharing files, folders and setting permissions.

Student Computers

IT does not perform hardware repair on student comptuers. However, the Help Desk does provide diagnostic services and software support for students' computers.

Features and Benefits: 

Services provided for student computers include:

  • Get connected to the Amherst wired and/or wireless networks
  • Access your Amherst email and network resources
  • Install Amherst-provided software as applicable
  • Help with software problems, up to and including operating system reinstalls
  • Back up your important data before you send your computer out for repair
  • Diagnose hardware issues and provide recommendations for repair
  • Diagnose malware or virus infections, assist as possible or provide recommendations for repair or reimage
Getting Started: 

Contact the Help Desk for assistance with your computer by phone at 413-542-2526, walk in at Seeley Mudd first floor or Frost Library A Level, email askit or fill out on an online help request at (note you must be logged into the Amherst website to fill out the online help request). 

Check our Hardware Repair page if you need a local repair service.