Set passcode for an iOS device

Your iDevice may contain private data including your e-mail, calendar and contacts as well as personal and financial information. Because of their portability and desirability these devices are extremely high targets for theft.

You can help to protect yourself, your privacy and your property by setting a Passcode Lock on your device. In case of theft this will prevent anyone from accessing your data. If your iDevice is College-owned we require the use of a passcode and this setting will not be optional.

Personal Mobile Devices

IT provides limited support to personally-owned devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Features and Benefits: 
  • IT will help you connect to the Amherst wireless network (a.k.a. WiFi)
  • IT will support the use of Amherst College email. 
Additional Information: 

College employees can receive discounts on personally-purchased devices from Verizon Wireless, the College's wireless provider.

College-Owned Mobile Devices

Below we provide some useful links for using your Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) on campus and with Amherst College network resources.


iOS Devices How to Access Network Resources

Once your device is activated, use the links below to see how to access network resorces.