Examples of WebNow Security Warnings

When you first access WebNow you are likely to encounter a blizzard of security warnings--well, a flurry at least. 

Though WebNow is Java-based, it is not a security threat to your computer because it is housed on a College server. You can safely ignore security warnings that normally you should take very seriously.

Configure Java to Use WebNow

Faculty advisors may need to access WebNow in order to view a student's college application, application essay, and secondary school (and transfer) transcripts. 

WebNow is Java-based. You need to configure the Java control panel on your computer in order to access WebNow.

Log in Help for Family/Friends Accounts

Access Student Billing/Housing Information for Family and Friends

First, in order to see an Amherst student's financial and/or housing information, the student must first log in to ACData (link below) and grant account access to specific family/friends.


Student Bills

Log into ACDATA at https://acdata.amherst.edu. Student billing information is available in ACDATA to all students and to the family and friends designated in the student's Communications Preferences.