ID Cards for Non-Employees

Sometimes it is necessary to provide an Amherst ID card for non-employees for door access for vendors, gym access for special non-employees, and other reasons as needed.

IMPORTANT: As of January 3, 2020 the Network Registration (Netreg) service has moved to a depricated state. Netreg is no longer required for wireless devices to connect to the Amherst network and will soon be unnecessary for wired ones. 

Netreg has been replaced by Clearpass as the system that controls access to the Amherst network. See the following about connecting devices to the new Amherst network:

Connect your computer, phone, or tablet to the eduroam WiFi network.

Connect your game console, Smart TV, or other device to the AmherstGuest WiFi network.

Connect your computer or other device to the Ethernet (wired) network.