ID Cards for Non-Employees

Sometimes it is necessary to provide an Amherst ID card for non-employees for door access for vendors, gym access for special non-employees, and other reasons as needed.


To get an ID card for a non-employee, the sponsoring department must complete the IT Checklist for New Employees and Special Non-Employees form.

Getting Started: 

Complete the IT checklist for New Employees and Special Non-Employees form as follows:

1.  Complete the non-employee's Name and Address sections.

2.  In the Person Type section choose Non-employee and from the drop-down list choose the relevant description such as Vendor, or Other as applicable.

3.  For Position Information enter the non-employee's job title such as Dining Services Temporary Agency Employee or other as applicable, the start date for the ID card use, and enter your department  which will serve as the sponsoring department.

4.  In the Email and Netowrk Access section, put an explanation of need. See below an example from Dining Services as used for their temporary workers in her department. Example explanation of need:
"Datatel account with an IDO status is needed to create an account in CSGold to provide the Temporary Agency worker with an ID for use in the Dining Services Time Clock.  No other IT services are required.  Please send ID card form to (name of person completing the form)."

5. Last you must click Submit.

Additional Information: 

Remember you must specify a name and campus mailbox where you want the non-employee's ID card sent.

See our Door Access service description for details about ID card access to buildings.

Network Registration (NetReg)

Network registration or NetReg is required for the network adapters of electronic devices that connect to the College's Ethernet and wireless networks. Device adapters that must be registered include desktop and laptop computers; game consoles; TV/video devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and DVRs; and wireless (Wi-Fi) mobile devices such as iPads, Kindles and Nooks. Also, you'll need to register your smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) if while on campus you use Wi-Fi in addition to--or instead of--your phone's data connection.

One exception to the NetReg requirement is for computers that connect via wired Ethernet connection using ports that are behind the Amherst Firewall. Typically, those working in departments such as the Health Center, Comptroller, Dean of Faculty, President's Office, Chief Financial Officer's Office, Title IX, and some Dean of Students staff will fall into this category. Any questions about whether you are required to NetReg please contact the Help Desk.

Five College Students
Features and Benefits: 

The NetReg service associates your computer's network adapter, physical network address (MAC address) and your Amherst username. If IT detects that your computer is infected with a virus or is disrupting the network, we will know whom to contact.

Getting Started: 

First, connect to the Amherst Ethernet or wireless network, then launch a web browser. If your computer is not registered, you will be redirected automatically to the NetReg page. If you don't redirect automatically, you can go to the NetReg page by entering into your browser's address bar.

Computers and other devices must NetReg when they first connect to the Amherst network. In addition, IT clears out the NetReg database before the start of each academic year, which means you have to re-register your devices on an annual basis.