Cable TV

Amherst College supplies cable TV to all dorm rooms and many other spaces on campus. For the full list of channels, please see the Amherst Cable TV Channel Lineup.

Note that recently constructed or remodelled dorms (specifically, the Greenway dorms and Seligman) do not have a standard cable TV jack in the wall. Residents of these dorms must request a special adapter to supply their room with cable TV. 

Greenway/Seligman Cable TV Request Form


Features and Benefits: 

In addition to conventional entertainment, news, and sports programming, the cable TV system delivers international channels in Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic. 


The cable TV system works with any digital TV that has a QAM tuner and accepts a coaxial cable input. Residents of the Greenway dorms and Seligman need a special IT-supplied adapter.

Greenway/Seligman Cable TV Request Form


Contact the IT Help Desk to report a problem or get more information. 

Additional Information: 

See information from our service provider on how to Troubleshoot Cable TV Problems.