Amherst IT Remote Support

Remote support allows an ITSS staff member to view and control your Amherst computer remotely. This is a great help in troubleshooting problems over the phone.

Features and Benefits: 

Lets an ITSS staff member work collaboratively with you to diagnose and solve problems on your computer.

Getting Started: 

ITSS staff members may request a remote support session during troubleshooting. You can also ask for a remote session when you call the help desk or an ITSS staff member directly.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection lets you log into and work on another computer over the network, in a way that’s similar to sitting directly in front of it. The major difference is that the remote computer’s “display” is inside a window of your local computer. It’s also possible to make this window full screen to more closely simulate direct access.

Once you’ve established a connection, you can launch programs, explore files on your hard disk or network drives, or use printers available to the remote computer.