Email Phishing Attacks - Fraud/Scams/Intimidation

Please forward phishing emails you receive to We will block the phishing websites as soon as possible after receiving the phishing email sample.

Please DO NOT forward examples of spam to Spam is annoying marketing clutter, while phishing is an attempt to defraud you.

Phishing Example

The following recounts an actual phishing attack launched against the College's email users on March 16, 2016. Unfortunately a couple hundred users fell for the attack because of some clever social engineering on the part of the phishers. The takeaway? Don't automatically trust any message you receive on any electronic device, and know how to distinguish between a legitimate Amherst login page and a phony one.

How to make sure that you are logging into a valid Amherst College web service, and not to a phishing website that copies the look of the Amherst site in order to steal your username and password.

If you suspect that you have received a phishing email, please forward it to We track all phishing attempts and actively block links to fraudulent websites.