Status of Services

With the networking outage over, and WiFi and Ethernet both running smoothly, we're working to bring back all the IT services you've been missing. Here are the highlights.

Email. We've moved to Gmail. All messages addressed to you will go to your Amherst Gmail mailbox. Your Exchange mailbox contains your older items, but all new emails are going to Gmail. DO NOT SEND from your Exchange mailbox. If there is an older message in your Exchange mailbox that you want to reply to, forward it to yourself, then switch to Gmail.

Migrating your stuff to Gmail. Once we have ironed out a few remaining issues we will begin moving your existing messages, contacts, and calendars from your Exchange mailbox to Gmail. We'll let you know more about this process once we're ready to proceed.

Moodle. All course sites are up. E-reserves access was restored early Sunday morining, and the email function in Moodle was fixed later Sunday morning. 

Unix services. Romulus, Remus, and R studio are all up and running.

Student Printing. Pharos, the student printing service, is up and running and available from public lab computers. However, mprint and mprintcolor are not yet enabled to work with Gmail.

Phones. All campus phones, whether old-style or IP phones, are working.

Voicemail. We're still ironing out problems with voicemail, which was closely joined with the Exchange email system.

Colleague/Business Objects. Both are online. However, Business Objects data may be stale until we get through a complete cycle of exports from Colleague.

 Please report problems to AskIT

Use Gmail Only!

The email service for Amherst College has moved from the Exchange server in the basement of Converse to Gmail.
DO NOT send new email using Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or the Exchange account in mobile devices. Emails sent from existing configurations will not be reliably delivered.
Only send email from your newly configured Amherst College account in Google. See the IT website for instructions setting up this account on your computer or device.
To view old emails and calendar entries, use Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or an existing Exchange connection on mobile devices. We’re working hard to migrate all of this data to Gmail so that everything is found in one place. We’ll keep you updated as this work progresses.
Please contact us at AskIT if you have any questions.

Outage FAQ

Read answers to frequently asked questions about the network outage, effects on various services, our transition to Gmail, and more.

Phishing awareness

The beginning of tax season is when phishing artists ramp up their angling for your W-2s and other financial information. The number of people affected by increasingly sophisticated phone and email scams and phishing attacks is larger every year.

Adobe Sofware Prompts for Adobe Login or License Key

You need to apply a fix to your Adobe installation on your College-supplied computer. Click the link below.