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Copy & Print Options

Copy & Print Options

We offer a variety of copy and print services including... black & white printing and copying, color printing and copying, course work, brochures, postcards/mailbox stuffers, posters, NCR forms, newsletters, flyers, table tents, stationery, business cards, labels, TAB printing and more. Other services include... folding, cutting, scanning and backup to CD/DVD.

Print Sizes:

We can print almost any size up to 13x19in - from bar code labels to 11x17 posters.

Paper Stocks:

We stock a variety of paper weights for various projects - from 20# to 100#.

Flyers are usually printed on 20# and table tents and postcards are usually printed on 67#.

Paper Colors:

Colors in the charts are approximate and are slightly brighter than the actual paper colors.



Does your copy/print job need a finished look? We offer several binding options including stapling, comb binding, and heat binding. Call for info.


On Campus Copy & Print Services

  • Heat Binding is a method of securing loose printed pages with a plastic, or cloth-like strip fused with heat, also known as thermal binding. Heat binding allows documents to lay flat when opened, is sturdy and neat.
  • Comb Binding is a book binding similar to a spiral binding but using a round tubular plastic piece with many teeth which fit through small rectangular holes punched into the binding edge of the book. The plastic piece, if laid flat, would resemble a comb.
  • Staple Binding is a binding process where the paper is folded in half and stapled along the spine.


Now offering lanyards and badges in a variety of colors and styles! Keep track of your school ID, other cards, keys, and belongings in a personalized way.

Copy & Print Options


We can print stickers in matte and gloss finishes, in sizes up to 8.5x11. We can also print colored stickers, and circular stickers, as well as stickers in standard label sizes smaller than 8.5x11



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