Investment Office Student Programs

The Amherst College Investment Office offers the following opportunities to Amherst College students interested in experiential learning in finance and investments:

Should you have any questions regarding these opportunities, please reach out to the Investment Office at

Investment Intern

Since the program’s inception in 2009, nearly 20 students have interned with the Investment Office either during the academic year, the summer, or both.  The program offers students the opportunity to learn more about the institutional investment management industry in a hands-on environment. 

Prospective interns are typically recruited during the spring semester, when the position is posted on the Career Center’s Quest portal.

Responsibilities include quantitative and qualitative research and analysis related to investment managers, asset classes, portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management, and macro-economics. As interns progress through the program, they’re given more analytical assignments and more latitude to research the topics most of interest to them and important to the Investment Office.

Interns typically depart as graduating seniors, often moving on to professional work in consulting, banking, law, and investment management. Recent professional destinations include JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting Group; recent academic destinations include Harvard Law School.

The program is partially funded through the generosity of Amherst alum, Drew Shilling ’89. “The Investment Management industry can be difficult for undergraduates to break into because employers often are looking for demonstrated interest in the financial markets or previous industry experience. Even a summer internship can move a candidate’s resume to the top of the recruitment pile,” says Shilling. “I am very pleased to help underwrite the efforts of the Amherst Investment Office in providing relevant experience to interested students. These positions will help students and graduates determine whether they have a passion for the markets and investing and will also provide them with relevant experience should they decide to pursue a full-time position in the industry.”

Words from Past Interns

"My internship at the Investment Office has been a wonderful learning experience – an Institutional Investment 101 that helped me understand risk, asset allocation and winning investment strategies. It steered me into a finance career while at the same time assisting Amherst in managing its investment portfolio and making smart decisions.” - Jiaqi Ji '12

"The working environment at the Investment Office is enriching and challenging. You will be surprised of how much you learn!" - Intern '15

"I spent three years and a summer in the Amherst Investment Office, and it was one of the most important financial experiences I have had. During my time in the Investment Office, I learned a concise and clear method of how to think about being an investor.

Exploring this would not have been possible without the guidance and support of the people working in the Investment Office. They not only embody the best intellectual aspects of Amherst, but they also deeply cared about furthering my education in finance. The team made a significant effort to engage me in complex projects and bring me to meetings with portfolio managers and investors.

As an intern, especially in my later years, I was given significant responsibility for different projects investigating asset classes, investment managers, and running portfolio simulations to optimize returns. I could not be where I am today without the terrific experience I had in the Investment Office." - Chris Friend '14

Investment Associate

The Associate Program is a two to three year appointment offered to uniquely-qualified candidates, with continuous training and networking opportunities. Associates will assist all members of the Investment Office with work related to data analysis, manager and asset class research, financial modeling, and operations analytics. Associate candidates are intelligent, articulate, and team players. Candidates must have excellent critical reasoning skills, strong quantitative capabilities, be able to work well under pressure and deadlines, be able to comfortably synthesize large amounts of information, and be able to develop innovative solutions.

Recruiting for the next Associate Class will take place in October 2018.  To learn more about and apply for the position, please visit