Procurement's Mission

It is the mission of Procurement Services to assist the College with the procurement of the best goods and services from the best vendors with the best pricing. This will be accomplished by utilizing optimal processes and technologies.

Key Deliverables

Deliverable 1  

Procurement will recommend and implement processes, solutions, and technologies that alleviate administrative burdens from the College while also mitigating financial risks.

Deliverable 2  

Procurement will help preserve the strength of the Endowment by negotiating Supplier donations and Scholarships.

Deliverable 3  

Procurement will provide relief to the College’s finances via Cost Savings and Cost Avoidance programs by re-quoting each portfolio, leveraging supplier spend, and leveraging Procurement Consortiums

Deliverable 4 

Procurement will collaborate with our on-campus colleagues to select and use the best supplier partners to deliver goods and services to the College