eReimbursement Program

Direct deposit of employee reimbursements

Employee reimbursements may now be transmitted electronically directly to your bank account. To enroll in this program, follow the instructions in our How to set up or change your bank account for electronic reimbursements document to add your bank account information through the self-service banking feature on AC data. New online functionality allows employees to easily enter and change direct deposit bank account information for reimbursements as well as payroll.

Employees are encouraged to enroll in the eReimbursement program to expedite access to your reimbursements as well as limit the number of paper checks issued by the College.

Additions or changes to direct deposit bank account information may take up to ten business days to become effective. You will continue to receive paper checks until this set-up has been finalized. Once set-up is complete and a reimbursement is processed by Accounts Payable, you will receive an email notifying you that the funds have been deposited directly into your bank account.

Any questions, please contact Joanne Thornton at (413) 542-2803.

Note: Electronic reimbursements are NOT currently available for students.