Generally, all payments made to students that are not scholarships processed through Financial Aid, are processed through the Controller's Office and fall into one of the categories below:

Fellowships, Grants, Prizes and Awards


Student Emergency Fund


Please click on the title of the appropriate payment category for more information. 

Please note: In general, checks are issued each Thursday. For more information on the Payment Cycle, please refer to the Accounts Payable Policy.

Getting Further Help

What is the best way for students or to get updates on their payment status or to change their mailing address? What should they do if they have a question?

Both web support and phone support are available. For web support, students can visit, click the blue circle in the lower right-hand corner of the page (see below), and submit their question via the widget. For phone support, students can also call 818-724-8110.

The Finexio login page

Still have Questions?

Contact Finexio's supplier enablement team at: